Nishtek - Perfection in details.
Today, there are many businesses, individuals claiming to be unique system providers.  With our diverse technology solutions for many computer platforms, we prove that we have been around the block for a long time!  Over the years we have built several systems.  Our customers find them reliable and appreciate our advice, products and solutions on how to make them better - not just about hardware but software as well!  Consistently we are giving high ranking by our customers, and outperform DELL, HP, IBM and other large pc manufacturers in terms of quality, service, customized solutions and sometimes free warranty offered beyond the 2-year system warranty.  On this page you can see some of the most interesting pictures of systems built: now and in the past.  We feel that looks are just as important what is on the inside.  Let our obsession with hardware and software bring you joy in using a computer!
Our suppliers are registrered to ISO 9001:2000 standards and are OEM approved by Microsoft (it matters as far as running Windows, but for Unix and other OSes it does not matter).We offer 2 years on parts and labour warranty for system unit with manufacturer warranty still applying in many areas!  We do not carry excessive amounts of inventory, so you are bound to get the latest, without being forced into buying outdated products from other businesses that need to clear their inventory.  We let you decide everything including the way your case/tower looks!  For latest systems offers and pricing, as they vary daily, please contact us!

Systems, in no particular importance or order:

Our systems are built for Microsoft Windows XP - for those that choose this operating system.