"Back to the Past - Commodore Computers".


For a long time available! 10th year Anniversary!

This Collection has been compiled since 1996, with a few Commodore/Amiga software still being added today in 2006.  This is most likely the last year of contributions but one may never know.
It includes items from the internet and our own collection which has been transfered using a special cable.  These CDs/DVD are supposed to "bring you back to the 1980s", to the most popular and best selling home computer - Commodore 64.  Commodore 64/128 and Amiga have dominated the Personal Computer market.  If you no longer have the Commodore 64/Amiga/128 Computer, then this collection set is for you! If you do then take out your old C64 and copy your games to your PC, before they totally disintegrate!  Or transfer the files on the CDs/DVD so that you can use them on your real Commodore computer!
Read some of the comments from the users.

This Collection set feature:

If you have or represent a business which feel that this collection harm your business in any way, then please let us know and we will happily remove the part disturbing you. The intention is not to cause harm, but to spread a part of the history we are all proud of!
By purchasing these CDs you will be helping in acquisition of more software.  Proceeds are usually used to acquire additional disks/tapes/cartridges, so that more classics can be preserved.  We have dumped a large number of cartridges for lemon & arnold - for everyone to enjoy!

Please note that the items are only for home use and any duplication/replication of the collection is strictly prohibited.  Also, any reproduction of this collection on commercial scale is strictly forbidden.  This is only possible if written permission is obtained from the maintainer(s) of Commodore Dungeon.


"I was interested in the C-64 emulator largely because of one game - M.U.L.E.  For whatever reason, this action-less, forever-lasting, "low-tech" game was responsible for consuming a significant chunk of my teenage years.  I searched in vain -- even called Electronic Arts -- to find a PC version of this game.  I was out of luck until I stumbled across your auction listing.  I am thrilled to be hooked on this game once again.  I've played a few others from the CD as well, but I've hardly scratched the surface.  I still cannot comprehend just how much stuff is on that CD!
Thank you again for a wonderful product,"
- Gary, USA

"The disk has more than I expected to have!"
- Rodolfo L, Mexico

"WOW!!! I am impressed my friend!!! You have done some work here. The only snag I hit was the clock speed on my homemade PC so the zipped games run SUPER fast. But, that not withstanding this collection is really nice! I will send you some games so that you can add them to your archives...
...Your work on this disk is in many ways superiour to the other emulator disks I have. One has over 5000 games. But, they're ALL zipped, some don't unpack  correctly..."
- Keith, USA

"I purchased that Commodore CD from you.  I love it!  What a throw-back to the eighties!...  This CD is a great "bang-for-the-buck."  In fact, I'm trying to tell as many people as I can that USED to have the old Commodore system - that this CD is awesome!"
- Steve, USA

"This guys KNOWS COMMODORE!!! - Appreciate it!!"
- Ed, USA

"I have received your package a few days before. I have looked into the CD and its very much interesting stuff. This CD I will show on a meeting in Düsseldorf at the next weekend."
- Arndt, Germany

"...A lot of work went into this and it shows!..."
- Jordan, USA

"Rare CD compilation. Excellent product, excellent price"
- Ali, Canada

"I think The "Back 2 the Past" collection is a good starter for beginners, and a great addition for more experienced collectors. There's a lot to explore, and I've already found material I didn't found anywhere else. I'm really happy with it:) Thank you."
- Jonathan A, Netherlands

"These disks will take me a long time to get through... so much -terrific- stuff on them."
- Raymond C., USA.

"Thanks a whole lot!  Just received the package.  I was very impressed with all the extras sent, and the very speedy delivery, I got it in time for Christmas!  ^_^  The sheer amounts of stuff on these CDs make it so worth every cent."
- Dana C., USA

"Thanks for the cable and the disks. they're incredibly packed with good stuff. I was really missing something in my life of my past, and this helped me rediscover why all I did for many years of my life was stare into the commodore screen.  As with everyone else quoted on your site, I was incredibly impressed with the disks contents and the service you provided."
- Peter Z., USA

"I received the cable and CD's a couple of weeks ago, but I just had a chance to sit down tonight and check everything out.  Thank you very much for compiling such an amazing collection- the CDs provided me with a long walk down memory lane!   Everything works fine, and I have to say that you offer an excellent value for your products.  I was originally looking for the XE1541 cable so I could archive my C64 software collection onto CD, but your disks appear to have virtually all of the software archived already!  Thanks for the prompt shipment, and if you ever need a testimonial e-mailed to prospective customer, just let me know."
- Paul M, USA

"I got the cable today and its working wonderfully.  The disks are also great - lots of goodies!"
- Ilya E., USA

"The XE1541 cable and the Commodore Back to the Past CDs arrived safely today. The CDs are great and the cable works beautifully!!"
- Markco F, USA

"The bottom line is that I'm very pleased with *all* of the items I received from C= Bits.  I'll probably order an XM-1541 cable later (I had ordered an XE-1541 in the previous order), since I want to experiment with connecting my SX-64 to a PC running Linux.
A big thanks to all 8-bit historians out there ;-) "
- Sam G, USA

"I have received the "C64 Back to the future" CDs.  Thank you for shipping it to me.  It's a very nice collection, and I'm very happy to have it."
- András from Hungary

Initially Critical:
"Thanks but you really need to consider about the prices for those cds unless
I am missing something ?"
Then later:
"I finally looked through the 3 cds and wow that has just about everything on it :) At first, as I said it seemed a bit over priced there, but obviously it took a long time to put all that together. I have to say it's worth it. Obviously a lot of work and time went into making it, can't argue about that! And even more so you get just about everything you need so saves a lot (A LOT) of time finding them yourself.
That's the best C64 collection I have seen. Plenty to keep me busy for a long time, so well worth it. It is 3 cds, not like we're talking about one :)"
- Ted, USA

"WOW.  Thanks!!!  I love the motherboard.  I didn't remember you saying it was a A4000T mb so that was a surprise.  This was the first time I had ever seen one up close.  It's going to look good next to my Altair 680 mb up on the wall.  And I LOVE the Amiga CD's.  All told I have 8 C= 8 bit cd's and 3 Amiga cd's for my 'viewing' pleasure.  This should keep me busy for a few days.  ha ha   Thanks for the back up of the disk 1.  If you get anymore cd's in let me know!"
- Scott, USA

"...browsing through the discs when I received them last month did bring back a lot of memories!  Thanks for assembling the great collections..."
- Jonathan D, USA

"...The games collection is huge, but I think I have a few that are missing, but its so huge I don't know yet. I've been trying out some of the stuff...      Most of all yesterday I tried out Star Commander (the newest deploy of sc) with the cable and made first contact with my 1541 disk drive.  Its cool, soon I may be finally able to port my 100s of Commodore disks to my PC so I can burn them to CD rom and zip and tar them to keep them safer... I give the CDs and cable 5 stars out of 5 so far..."
- Paul, L, USA

It makes it trully fun to read all of them.
C O M M O D O R E   R U L E Z   F O R E V E R !

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